Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap in Financial Services

Practical Staffing Strategies for Security Leaders

Organizations working within the financial services industry are some of the most sought-after targets for cybercriminals because of the lucrative nature of the sensitive PII data they handle. Protecting these organizations also becomes more daunting every day due to an ever-expanding attack surface, geopolitical destabilization, and a widening skills gap.

Download this resource to get actionable guidance on how a properly implemented advanced security program can help you address existing skill gaps by leveraging:

  • Improved security staffing processes that meet the needs of financial services SecOps personnel
  • A fully optimized SecOps center that protects against threats across cloud and hybrid environments
  • Risk management mechanisms to mitigate risks associated with distributed enterprise data
  • The Deepwatch Managed Security PlatformTM that provides 24/7 monitoring and advanced threat response capabilities

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