Forrester Planning Guide 2023: Security & Risk

In today’s economy, CISOs need a strategic plan to adequately allocate their security budgets without sacrificing trust.

If you’re in need of actionable guidance on managing your current security budget and ways to ask for additional funding, Forrester’s report will walk you through how to effectively manage your security investments. You will learn:

  • Current industry benchmarks
  • Where to prioritize security investments
  • Options for areas to decrease or reduce investment
  • Innovative technologies to incorporate

Download Forrester’s report to gain valuable insight into ways to future-proof your security operations while simultaneously keeping an eye on your budget and consistently mitigating risks.

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"The continued onslaught of breaches, ransomware, legislation, and third-party requirements has forced executives outside of security to recognize the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity controls." 1

- Forrester

Deepwatch applies a 24/7/265 approach to managed security services, incorporating a Squad Detection Model – a group of US-based experts uniquely built and dedicated to your organization. Powered by Deepwatch’s cloud security operations platform, we provide the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive detection and automated response to cyber threats together with tailored guidance from dedicated experts to mitigate risk and measurably improve your security posture.


1Forrester 2022 Planning Guide 2023: Security & Risk, by Merritt Maxim, Jeff Pollard, Jess Burn, Sandy Carielli, Janet Worthington, Allie Mellen, Brian Wrozek, August 23, 2022