Threat Ready:
Prioritize for 2024

Threat Management Drives Cyber Resilience

Jon Haas

Jon Haas
Manager, Adversary Response

Neal Humphrey

Neal Humphrey

AVP, Market Strategy

Cybersecurity environments continue to get more complex, interconnected, and dangerous. Threat actors are taking on more targets of opportunity than ever before.


As companies evaluate and exercise their cyber resilience plans, they should ask themselves: “Are we threat ready?”  Being threat ready is about reviewing the basics and prioritizing updates to improve your cybersecurity awareness and response.

Topics covered:

  • How to evaluate your current threat ready state
  • Why begin with the basics to ensure threat readiness
  • How these basics apply and improve cyber resilience

Learn strategies to be threat ready in 2024 and hear first-hand stories directly from the field on its importance and effect on your cyber security risk.

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